Michael C. Jakob

Product Manager, Software Engineer, Language Lover & Chocolate Fanatic


I am a passionate Product Manager, Software-Engineer and Entrepreneur with an obsession about users needs, launching quickly, and executing relentlessly on learnings. And strategically: doing things sui generis — creating highly differentiated products and firms.
I am a graduate of ETH Zurich / (thesis at) Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an M.S. in Management / B.S. in Computer Science. I am particularly passionate about the intersection of business and technology, and hope to pursue a career that bridges the gap between product management, software engineering, and social impact. You can usually find me at a coffee shop in Boston with a chocolate chip cookie in one hand and a latte in the other. Let's talk!

Some of my ventures


AlleAktien.de is one of Germanys principal equity research companies, focussing on long-term value and growth investing. It is widely considered one of the most respected research companies in Germany.

Eulerpool Research Systems

Eulerpool.com provides quantitative and qualitative research tools for stock investors. The firm aims to build what the community broadly calls a "mini Bloomberg Terminal". Eulerpool.com crafts excellent equity research tool for retail investors, including a worldwide screener, profound analyses, ample rankings, a dividend calendar, insider transactions and many more tools.


As a Management Consultant at McKinsey&Company , I lead a team of clients and consultants to increase traffic conversion rate (traffic to customer) by 2X for a major TelCo in Switzerland, through various A/B tests and improving core product. I lead client developers, designers, and marketing to the transformation of agile sprints, daily stand-ups, and a user-centered way of working. Substantial experience in Pharma, Wealth Management and Digital.

I was previously an Product Manager (Internship) at UBS Switzerland for 6 months in 2016. I helped set the strategy for a video advisory system to connect wealthy clients with their UBS relationship manager over a high-quality, highly secure video channel. After managing the proof-of-concept, I persuaded UBS management to roll-out this new advisory channel to clients in Switzerland.

In 2018, I founded and developed German equity-research platform alleaktien.de . I developed and lead the 18-month growth strategy and achieved consistent 7-10% week-over-week revenue growth. I also reduced the churn rate by 3X through radical product improvements, relentless focus on our users and a user-first pricing strategy. The original MVP was developed and launched by me within 7 days from scratch, attracting over 50’000 users in first month. Within 24 months (end of 2020), AlleAktien.de became of the most influental equity-research providers in Germany and grew to a team of 8.